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Automated AML
made simple

The case for automating your AML/CFT processes.

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As the pace of regulatory change increases, and obligations become more stringent, continuing with the status quo in managing AML compliance could leave you open to serious financial and reputational risk.

This e-book takes you through how to review and improve your systems and processes to help you comply with Australian AML/CFT legislation. Plus, it looks at:

  • Whether your current AML programme is doing enough

  • Why manual processes are falling short

  • How automation will improve your AML processes

  • What to consider when choosing AML automation tools

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About Jade ThirdEye

Jade ThirdEye gives you a powerful, uncomplicated way to analyse your customer and transactional data for suspicious activity and individuals.

  • Identify suspicious behaviour quickly and accurately

  • Keep false positives to a minimum

  • Direct your specialists’ investigative efforts where they’re most valuable

  • Monitor increasing volumes of transactions