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Forget everything you've ever known about chatbots. 

Why do chatbots have such a bad name for themselves? Because people who created them in the past (and some currently) have forgotten about one key ingredient - user experience. 

We've complete re-written the playbook on chatbots, which has user experience at its core. Our focus is on the customer or employee, and helping them get things done through meaningful conversations. Digital employees will reinvent the way you interact and can drive greater efficiencies in several areas of your business - customer engagement, data analytics, sales, and more.

In this eBook you’ll learn about:
  • The (not so) basics of digital employees
  • The broader role of conversational platforms
  • The role and generation of data through chat
  • An understanding of the process and tech
  • Transforming customer experience
Learn about the benefits of using digital employees in your business.