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Consumers' digital demands are growing at an exponential rate, and next-generation chatbots (digital employees) can deliver customised user experiences to meet such needs. A key benefit of digital employees is that they can assist both employees and customers

How can digital employees transform your business?

  • Achieve higher employee & customer satisfaction
  • Reach customers on their preferred platforms
  • Contextually engage customers towards action
  • Offers always on & scalable sales and service
  • Make better decisions with complex data

Chatbots are getting smarter

The first generation of chatbots were rule based and followed strict conversational flows. Engagement was poor and drop-offs were rife. But there’s a better way to chat.

Have the right conversations

Our digital employees can hold decent conversations, answer questions from almost any angle, handle small talk, learn speech patterns, and develop behavioural awareness over time.

Reach people where they are

Just like a human employee, digital employees will communicate with your employees or your customers on their preferred channel, be it instant messaging, SMS, or phone.

Meet Ace, our first digital employee

Eduard Liebenberger put our wares on display at AI-Day 2019. He introduced the world to Ace, a working prototype for the insurance industry. See how AI is being used right now and imagine its application in your business.

Why chat with us?

The true value of our offering is in the exceptional digital experience that we’ll deliver for your employees and customers.

A happy customer is a satisfied customer. And a satisfied customer is a loyal customer. So if you want repeat business, talk to us.

Our ‘onboarding’ process

How do we ensure a seamless ‘implementation’ of digital employees into your business? We take a recruiting approach, as you would hiring a person.


Discover and scope the opportunity, then provide a solution design.

UX and Design

With the user in mind, design brilliant conversational intelligence platforms.


Plug in Ambit’s powerful platform into the design to bring the chatbot to life.

Future tech

Supplement the chatbot with the latest technologies as required.


Keep the digital conversations and their data safe, up-to-date, and reliable.

Touch base with us and we’ll get this conversation started.

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