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Key considerations for digital transformation in a deeply disrupted market

In a world of rapid change and flux, businesses have been forced into not only considering but implementing their digital transformation journey on the fly. 

KMPG Australia perceived the scale of such change expected to take several years is likely to occur in just months.

With tighter budgets and increasing demand to deliver digital transformation projects, leaders are increasingly turning to IT departments and enterprise software developers for guidance.

It’s within this COVID-disrupted context that this report examines key considerations for digital transformation. The goal is to share learnings from our experience in digital transformation (particularly in times of cataclysmic disruption such as the Christchurch Earthquakes) alongside market intelligence from ADAPT.

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The report will guide you through our refined approach to digital transformation, which is resonating with C-suite executives across Australia and New Zealand, and is even more relevant in today’s environment. Our methodology provides you with a clear direction forward to answer three key questions:

  1. Are you solving the right problem?
  2. Do you have the right technology and architecture to scale?
  3. Are you delivering value frequently enough?

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