The JADE User Group 2020 is all about …

Our online User Groups events are the most popular yet, with attendees joining from all around the globe, contributing to the amazing discussion, and giving their feedback on our future direction. We’ve created this page to give our community the opportunity to (re-)watch our virtual User Group sessions from 2020.


Video recordings and demos

Refresh your memory or view the sessions you missed. Please make sure to use the comment section of the videos for your questions.

1 Welcome & Introductions

Presenter: John Ascroft

Video icon
2 Business Update

Presenter: Charlotte Walshe

Video icon
3 2020 Roadmap

Presenter: Iryna Melnyk, John Richards and Hugh McColl

Video icon
4 Jade REST Client

Presenter: Tim Aitchison

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5 BeeJay's IDE tips & tricks

Presenter: BeeJay Johnstone

Video icon
1 Introduction & Business Updates

Presenters: John Ascroft, Charlotte Walshe, Henry Varney

Video icon
2 JADE Rest Client

Presenter: Tim Aitchison

Video icon
3 JADE 2020 Roadmap

Presenter: Iryna Melnyk, John Richards, Hugh McColl, William Cameron, Hugh Mercer-Beumelburg, Luke Derry

Video icon
4 Containerising JADE

Presenter: Hugh McColl

Video icon
5 IDE Tips and Tricks

Presenter: BeeJay Johnstone

Video icon
6 JADE Time zone demo

Presenter: Hugh Mercer-Beumelburg

Video icon
7 JADE Quick Inspect Toolbar demo

Presenter: Luke Derry

Video icon
8 JADE Regex Class demo

Presenter: William Cameron

Video icon
9 JADE Containerising Services - DEMO only Video icon
10 JADE REST Client - DEMO only Video icon

Presentation Slides

A lot to take in?
Don’t worry… just download the slides here.

NZ User Group slides
UK User Group slides


See the live roadmap and participate in feature design conversations, help us create the future of JADE one JEDI contribution at a time. We love seeing your ideas and new suggestions for improvements.

Visit JEDI

JEDI Jade Environment Development Ideas logo


During the JUG we present the attendees with some of the big initiatives to help us envision the future of JADE beyond 2020 and help us understand which features will be life-changing to them.

Check out the ideas below and head to the JEDI portal to vote, leave your comments and follow the journey of your favourite ideas.

How did we come up with a list of features?

We looked into more significant, more strategic ideas that came from our customers, architects and developers. This is by no means an exhaustive list of initiatives we are considering for the future versions of JADE, so if you don’t see your top idea on our list – please let us know via the Jedi portal!

  1.     Generator style iterator (yield return/break)
  2.     Method Overloading 
  3.     Primitive Type SubTyping 
  4.     JADE IDE Extensions
  5.     Enumerations, Enumerations 2
  6.     RPS with Cloud specific SQL DBM
  7.     File streams and an I/O Stream abstraction
  8.     Auto generate Responsive Web/Mobile user interfaces
  9.     SDS Zero Transaction loss capability (Zero RPO capability)
  10.     Coroutine Support


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