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Part 2:

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AML and Financial Risk Management and Compliance

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The second session of the conference will focus on the impact that COVID-19 has had on risk profiles and anti-money laundering programmes. The session will also focus on the key business and risk differences and similarities of Casinos and Entertainment venues and Banks. Various speakers will discuss how technology can be used as an enabler in times of change for better compliance outcomes in these businesses, including protecting the business and guests from the harms of money laundering and what it means from a governance perspective for compliance.



  • Welcome and introduction
    Richard Story, Risk Solutions Sales Director at Refinitiv
  • Managing AML risk in a changing world
    Presented by Colin Dixon, Product Manager at Jade ThirdEye
  • Panel and Q&A
    Moderated by Richard Storey, Risk Solutions Sales Director at Refinitiv
    Panelists: Colin Dixon, Jade ThirdEye - Malcolm Rutherford, Executive VP of Strategic Operations, eConnect - Phil O'Connell, Group General Manager Regulatory Affairs and AML

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Physical Risk Management, Mitigation and Compliance

On-Demand Webinar

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  • Welcome and introduction
    Theresa Corballis, Client Director, Jade Software
  • Case Study. Casino re-opening in the USA: complying with changing regulations due to COVID hot-zones.
    Presented by Rick Lopez, Director of Casino Product Sales, eConnect
  • Leadership during a crisis
    Presented by Brett Anderson,CEO, Christchurch Casino
  • Panel and Q&A
    Moderated by Richard Storey, Head of Risk Solution Pacific at Refinitiv
    Panelists: Rick Lopez, eConnect - Brett Anderson, Christchurch Casino - Skycity Casino NZ
Host Responsibility and digital CX/UX in our new in-person and digital experience reality

On-Demand Webinar

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  • Welcome and introduction
    Speaker faculty TBA
  • Strengthening your host responsibility strategy. End-to-end customer journey and engagement.
    Presented by Skycity Casinos NZ
  • Host responsibility from an industry regulator’s perspective
    Speaker faculty TBA
  • Engaging a new generation with data and analytics technologies.
    Presented by Brett Anderson, CEO, Christchurch Casino & Rick Lopez, Director of Casino Product Sales, eConnect 
  • Panel and Q&A.
    Panelists: PanelistsSkycity Casinos NZ, Speaker faculty TBA - Brett Anderson, Christchurch Casino - Rick Lopez, eConnect - Industry Regulator TBA

The presenters

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01 Richard Storey

Risk Solutions Sales Director - Pacific at Refinitiv

Richard joined Refinitiv in November 2014 and is responsible for all buy-side, sell-side and Corporate client engagements for its risk data, managed services and workflow solutions offerings. 

Richard joined Thomson Reuters after spending many years in structured product, private equity and consulting. His experience included the development and implementation of KYC, AML & CTF processes and policies, as well as responsibility for managing his firms’ responses to banks’ and other counterparties’ requests for KYC data.  

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02 Colin Dixon

Product Manager at Jade ThirdEye

As a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (ACAMS)Colin is the AML lead for Jade ThirdEye. Colin has been working on and enhancing Jade ThirdEye since 2012From rules based on risk profiles to compliance reporting, Colin uses his extensive knowledge of Jade ThirdEye and the AML landscape to set up customers for success.

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03 Malcolm Rutherford

Executive Vice President of Strategic Operations at eConnect

Having spent his entire career in the gaming industry, Malcolm’s experiences spans across sales, operations, AML compliance, security, and more. Malcolm brings deep insights in project leadership, particularly with system modernisation and next-generation data analytics tools. 

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04 Phil O'Connell

Group GM Regulatory Affairs AML

Phil commenced working in the gaming industry in the mid 1980s as a gambling inspector with the Department of Internal Affairs. Phil joined SkyCity in 2002 and currently holds the position of Group General Manager, Regulatory Affairs and AML where he oversees the regulatory and anti-money laundering portfolios at the Company’s casino properties.

Phil completed his LLB at Auckland University last year and has been a member of ACAMS since 2009 where he was certified as anti-money laundering specialist.

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