TOBi by Jade Software

Data and customer-centricity are at the top of your list nowadays. Conversational interfaces bring these two priorities together in one place to serve customers and improve business efficiency.

Meet TOBi

TOBi is an automated chatbot showcase that can help insurance customers in a range of tasks, including:

  • Checking their policy
  • Making a claim
  • Adding another person to a policy
  • Changing their contact details
  • Renewing a policy

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Learn more about conversational interfaces

What is a chatbot?

Our daily conversations come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s no different when a computer is at one end. At its core, a conversational interface, or chatbot, is an automated program that conducts a conversation, through text or speech, and delivers a contextual response.

A new user interaction

These automated conversations are a revolutionary new customer interaction. Consider the way people use the internet now; instead of bookmarking websites, people simply Google the name of the company or service they want and click through to the top result. Having a conversational interface at your fingertips makes this even faster. Conversations shift away from traditional computer or internet interfaces, which uses buttons, menu, and dropdowns, and towards simply expressing what you want. Soon customers will expect to interact with your businesses via this new medium and those that are ready will be at a distinct advantage.

However, every business is different, and getting customer interactions right requires insights into the people you know best - your customers. This starts with user experience led discovery.

Behind that hard metal exterior

Behind the scenes is what really makes conversational interfaces special. The implementation of natural language processing combined with artificial intelligence like machine learning allows these systems to learn from previous interactions and improve as they go.

So, what can it do for my business?

Customer service

  • Address several customers at one time around the clock
  • Reduced load on call centre staff while improving customer service efficiency
  • Continually and contextually engage your customers to encourage decisions, and drive actions

We’ve got more thoughts coming on conversational interfaces.

Get in touch to learn how this new conversational interface technology can drive new efficiencies in your business.